WPCarto, cartography in WordPress

Welcome to WPCarto. If you are interested in the world of cartography, data visualization and WordPress, if you want to know how to show your maps, data visualizations, etc., this is the place where I talk about all this themes.

In recent years there has been an explosion in which the GIS world has jumped to the web through Webmapping, but also data visualization has become fashionable with interesting javascript libraries and SAAS type services with which you can do real wonders.

Here we will see how to do all this with WordPress, we will explore plugins, languages, libraries and everything that allows us to “paint” a map or a super cool graphic in WordPress or whatever.

Advantages of inserting maps in WordPress with Free Software


Who has not inserted a map on their website or that of a client at some time in their life? In this article we will see why it is important to choose free software as an alternative, when inserting maps in WordPress. This article is inspired by the talk I gave in March…

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Map Block Leaflet, by Jesús Olazagoitia


Map Block Leaflet is a map plugin for WordPress, which I review in this article thoroughly.

What is Leaflet?


What is Leaflet? It is an open source library for creating mapping web applications. I tell you how it works.

How to hide the top bar of Google My Maps


In this article I tell you how to hide the top bar of Google My Maps. What has worked for me and what has not worked for me.
La API de google maps

Register the Google Maps API


In this article I tell you how to register the Google Maps API, either to insert a map on your website, or for a maps plugin.
Vista de un mapa en relieve

How to embed a Google Maps map in WordPress manually


The easiest way to insert a Google Maps map into WordPress is probably with an html iframe, as we’ll see here.
Mapa físico con chinchetas

What is GIS

What is

What is a GIS? In this article I explain what a Geographic Information System is, and briefly tell the history of this type of software.